Sunday, October 31, 2010

Crafting my time away

I was cleaning out my guest room in anticipation of my siblings' visit this weekend and came across a basket of imperfect shells and sundry "beach finds."    The kinds of shells that I was thrilled to find a dozen years ago, but that, due to flaws or "dullness,"  no longer meet my shell-collection standards.   Lucky me.

So, even though it's only October, I decided to make a seashell Christmas tree.    This was my first effort at crafting with shells, and my first time wielding a glue gun.   My kitchen table was covered with globs and threads of glue, and my fingerprints are probably burned away, but I got the hang of it.   

Finally, inspired by Chris at Things Created by Me,   I spray-painted it silver and added pearl decorations.   Not exactly an heirloom, but it was fun to make and I think it will (briefly) amuse my grandchildren.   Besides (blush), I kind of like it!
But I know it's too early to enjoy it, even though the local stores are already filled with Christmas merchandise!    Trick-or-treaters will be visiting tonight.    So my little tree is packed away in the basement now, patiently waiting the appropriate season, carrying happy reminders of times on Sanibel.  


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

This turned out great! I had read Chris's blog before and was looking at some of the "less than perfect" shells I've brought home recently. I love the charger plate filled with loose painted shells and a candle too. Maybe I'll just have to try my hand at both!! I can't use too many frilly decorations at my house because of the 4 fur babies. They are little thieves. The shell tree and a tray of painted shells would be perfect!!

gpc said...

Thanks, LBSC. Yes, I love Chris's candle tray! I will try to bring back some fighting conchs and florida cones next time to do one of those (I haven't picked those up in years and used all I had as the core of my lamps!) Suddenly I wish I had more 'scrap' shells, lol!

Tootie said...

I like your little tree. :) It's really cute!