Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Anniversary of a new phase of life

This is the anniversary of the day I became a grandmother.   My grandson is six years old today.    In some ways it seems like yesterday, my bag had been packed and ready in the trunk of my car for over a week, and the airline was on my speed-dial.    When I got the call, I drove from work to the Detroit airport, and flew on a frequent flier ticket to New Orleans.    After the rush to get there, I paced the halls of Baptist Memorial Hospital (which was closed after Hurricane Katrina and is now part of the Ochsner Health System).    I hated that there was nothing I could do to help.   And then finally, finally!, after a lot of courage and hard work from my daughter (in law), my son and a nurse wheeled the new center of our lives down to the nursery.    And I was there, snapping pictures as they walked.

So today I celebrate.   I celebrate the first time I saw that adorable baby boy.   I celebrate the first time his little face lighted up and he shouted, "Guh!" when I walked into a room.   [He called me "Guh!", always with the exclamation point, until he could say Grandma, and I was a little sorry when he mastered the word.]    I celebrate the times he told me I was his best friend in the whole world, and took my picture to show-and-tell at preschool to show 'something he was grateful for.'    The times he's told me that my cooking was so good that he could 'eat a hundred miles of it.'    I celebrate his smiles and his hugs and his silly games and his sweet nature.    I celebrate how my heart swells when I see the love and devotion of his daddy and mommy, and how good he (usually) is to his little sister.    I am so happy to be his grandma.    This is a very good anniversary.


Snowbird said...

There is nothing like that moment when you hold your first grandchild. I remember when my firstborn placed his firstborn in my arms. So special. Noah always called me Beyuh instead of Grandma. None of us know where that came from His daddy asked if I would rather be called Grandma and I said "no". I doubt there is another Beyuh in the whole world so Beyuh I am and will always be.

Debbie (Don's wife) said...

My grandchildren call me GiGi, they could not say grandma or granny so it came out GiGi. I love it and would not have them change it for anything.
Enjoy your celebration! Grandchildren are awesome.