Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cookie Day

Gayle, at one of the blogs I read regularly, A Dozen a Day,  experimented with a daunting project, baking a dozen cookies a day to give away.    I don't have the discipline to bake (and give away) cookies on a daily basis.  But I wanted to give a salute to Gayle's idea, so today I am taking a cookie surprise with me when I go for my hair cut.   I baked cinnamon sugar cookies, a variation of Snickerdoodles, to take to the woman who cuts my hair.   Amy is as sweet and upbeat as she can be -- she certainly deserves a little recognition and a dozen cookies!


spindelmaker said...

What an excellent idea! And how kind! We brought back with us the American tradition of giving a Christmas gift to the postman once we moved back to Norway in the early -80s. I don´think the post-men had ever gotten presents from just normal "customers" like us, and they were really happy!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

A perfect salute to Gayle. I've been following her too, but I don't have the discipline either, to do it every day. But I really should do it when I bake for the kids who are coming next week to feast!!