Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Memory Trippin'

My sister and I are both camera-phobic, but we got our photo taken on the cruise, the first time we'd done anything like that since the kids were little and we had pictures taken with them.  It was fun and spontaneous, we were on our way to dinner and saw the ship photographer in a rare moment without other divas, so we slipped right in.
 At the last minute as we were planning our trip, one of my sister's friends said she would like to come along, so we had a happy little threesome on the cruise.   None of us are high-need travelers so we spent a lot of time relaxing, drinking, and laughing.  We were happy just to sit on the deck or our balcony and look out at the water. 

But the stops at Key West and Cozumel to snorkel were fun, too.    We had time to do a little shopping. The airline lost my luggage tag on the way down to Florida, so I bought myself a new one in Key West.    It said, "It's All Good!", and I would show you a photo of  it but I can't because the airline lost it on my way home!     While we were in Cozumel, I bought the gauzy top I'm wearing in the photo, and I bought the same top in bright pink for my sister and in black and gold for her friend.  Unbeknownst to me, while I was shopping for her, my sister's friend was buying a piece of Mexican pottery for me, so we all had surprise souvenirs to take home.
I also brought home small pieces of coral from one of the beaches on Cozumel, what a pretty place!   I wish I could duplicate the green-blue of the water there.   I didn't have time for any serious shelling because of the limits of cruise shore visits,  but I have these bits of memory of the place where I did NOT see a turtle!


RottenMom said...

No.You DID NOT see a Turtle!!!

You do know that you and your sister look amazingly gorgeous, don't you?!

gpc said...

Aw, thanks, RM. When we were kids, my lovely blonde, blue-eyed sister was deemed The Pretty One and I was The Smart One. What a blow to me that, as it turned out, she double-dipped and was The Smart One, too! Oh well, we have fun together anyway.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Sounds like a fab trip. Great pic of you and your sis. Wish I had more of those with my bros. LOVE the Mexican pottery piece. Very colorful and cheery. Quite a variety of coral you collected.

Shellbelle said...

What a wonderful photo of you and your sis! Boy, you two look so much alike! My sister and I look absolutely nothing alike, when were young people thought we were really friends and we were lying about being related.

LOVE that pottery, I adore how colorful they make them. AND the pieces of coral? Yeah for you!

Sound like you had a great trip, but darn that airline for loosing your tags TWICE!