Friday, March 25, 2011

Restless Dreams

The last few nights have been filled with foreboding and terrible dreams.    I dreamed last night that my house was broken into, that I shot a man on my stairway, and  I woke up  with a feeling of dread, as if I were in grave danger.  So vivid was the dream that I actually checked my gun when I awakened, to be sure it was still unloaded and locked away, and I half expected to find a body, or at least a broken window, when I went downstairs.    Whew, glad to be reassured that it was just a dream.    I have to wonder what is going on in my head, what formless fears are disturbing my sleep.

But today the sun is shining.    The sky is blue, the snow is still here, and my neighborhood is cold and still.   Life is good.


Don said...

I don't put much stock in dreams and their meaning.

Most likely, something you ate before going to bed.

gpc said...

I don't either, Don, but sometimes the negative feelings are hard to shake. Given my diet, it could have been anything!

The Farmer Files said...

Hope you have had a more restful weekend. YIKES. I never pictured you owning a gun. I think that is great, though. ;)

gpc said...

I never pictured myself as a gun owner, either. When I discovered that I liked target shooting, an old friend gave me a target pistol as a gift. I still feel anxious having it in the house, although I keep it locked, unloaded, AND in a locked box in a different place than the bullets. I'm also taking a(nother) gun safety class. So, except for my dreams, it's sort of like NOT having a gun except when I'm on the range!