Friday, April 8, 2011

I need to brag about my toes!   Before I went on the cruise with my sister -- in FEBRUARY! -- I got a pedicure.    Instead of the usual slap-on-the-paint-polish, I opted for the newer Shellac pedicure, where they cure the polish under ultraviolet lights.    They told me it would last longer but I was doubtful.   I just wanted it to stay decent for the cruise.    Well, I am doubting no more!    The cruise was over and done more than a month ago.   My toes are growing out, but there is not a single chip or scratch or flaw in the polish.   I have snorkeled, walked barefoot on beaches,  waded in rough waters, and (more often) stubbed my toes around the house and rubbed them repeatedly against the sad old insides of my winter shoes.    But the polish looks exactly the same, just as smooth and shiny as it was the day I got it.    Amazing.    I have never had my fingernails done because my fingers are constantly in dirt, or digging around in drawers, of generally abusing their long-suffering nails, but I think I am going to try this Shellac stuff and see if my hands can look less like a hard laborer's.   Despite my lack of frills and pretty, I have the usual fantasies of velvet and rhinestones, so pretty fingernails would be a (secret) treat.    The next time I can afford to reward myself, I'm thinking a little spa time will be in order!

 Meanwhile (speaking of dirty nails), I picked up seed potatoes and onion sets today.    Time to start planting the early crops, finally!    Although I am not crazy about the dirty work of preparing the beds for planting, I will be glad to know that something is growing.    And I was pretty proud last year to use my own onions and potatoes, at least for a few meals.

I also baked cookies for tomorrow's last Fly Tying class, oatmeal and chocolate butter cookies.    It was a flashback to my youth to hear the teacher say that the men should bring coffee and the women should bake cookies; fishing in these parts is not the sport of the politically correct, LOL.    I'm sorry the class is over.   I learned a lot, tied a few dozen flies, and I will try to keep tying on my own.   It's a pretty cool skill, a craft and a sport all rolled up into one.   My goal is to tie some presentable salt water flies for my brother's birthday in May because he has been fishing every few months in Mexico and the Caribbean.   With any luck they'll even catch fish.

And look what I got in the mail!    This adorable little Sweet Pea (and the amazing card) came from Emily, at The Nest, in Ireland!  Emily has a house-full of children and critters, and the soul of an artist. I discovered her blog AND won this adorable little doll in the One World One Heart blogging event, and I can't wait for my granddaughter to discover it up on the guest room bed where my (growing) collection of stuffed toys lives.   She is so soft and sweet and precious -- that sounded a bit ambiguous, no?, but read it either way you want, because the thought applies with equal force to both the little doll and my little granddaughter!   


Emily@theNest said...

Really delighted you like it Gail... and didn't make the connection with the card...!! (It should have really had a picture of teddies or something, ha ha) Hope your delicious grand daughter gets great pleasure from Sweetpea!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Cute doll! I know your granddaughter will love it.

I have been hearing about shellac manicures and have heard they are the best. Funny, you are the second person in central Michigan that has raved about it.