Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I drove to a local pond today, intending to practice my casting.     As I entered the parking lot I could see that the pond was a smooth as silk, and the marsh across from it was absolutely still.   Not a breeze, not a bird, not a ripple.    But when I opened the door, I was battered with sound that drowned out even my own thoughts.    A cacophony of frogs and insects, unbelievably loud and insistent.    I stood for nearly an hour trying to catch a glimpse of the musicians, but never saw a single one.   A woodchuck surprised himself when he jumped out of his hole to find me there, but the frogs and bugs were all hidden.  I was sorry I couldn't recognize them by their sound, but all I could tell was that there were deep rumbles and choruses of higher squeals and chirps.    I listened until the feeling flooded my whole being, and I forgot to take out my fishing rod.    Maybe tomorrow.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Ha Funny
A couple of years ago we put in another frog pond (after taking one out when my grandkids were little living next door). We get different breeds of frogs. I don't know what different sounds each makes. But one night, we heard a new sound that sounded like it was a bird in one of our huge maples. No matter where we walked, it came from a different direction. We never realized that it was frogs that were somewhere, but not in the pond.
xx, Carol