Friday, October 14, 2011

Oh Yes I Did!

I am usually careful with my budget, at least when it comes to things for me.   I don't need much, I am generally content with what I have.
But this week must have been the exception that proves the rule!   First, I bought myself a BEAUTIFUL ring from Simple Daisy.  I have wanted this ring ever since she posted it, and by golly, I finally bought it!    It came so beautifully packaged that I felt pampered, even though it was a present from me to myself, it felt really special!   And I love the ring as much as I thought I would.   It is entirely handcrafted, unlike anything you will find on the mass market.   The photo doesn't do it justice, my old hands scream "wrinkled" in the picture, so the ring doesn't get the focus it deserves.     You really need to see it in person to appreciate it - the band is hand carved, with wonderful designs all around it.   I have a lot of unworn jewelry, but I expect this to become an every-day piece.    And the name of the ring, Indigo Sea,  is perfect for someone like me, who does so much ocean-dreaming.   I'm already eyeing my next purchase from her shop, as soon as I can justify another dose of self indulgence.  :)

And zowee -- Today, I bought the new iPhone 4-S.    Oh yes I did!     Okay, I know it's way too much phone for me, but I plan to grow into it!     It TALKS to me, how cool is that?!
 I can't wait to see what I buy myself next!   (I am not nearly so eager to see my next Visa bill, but it was worth it!)


sue in mexico mo said...

Good for you!

Emily@theNest said...

And how beautifully your iPhone matches your ring!!! I am so delighted for you- I never buy much for myself (apart from art materials: a nerdy indulgence) and look forward to when I'm earning enough to have some over to buy things I love. ENJOY!!

Debbie V. said...

I admire that ring - I like the style and the blue. I bought myself a couple of things last weekend (I'll have to post pictures) including TWO bracelets. Although they were very inexpensive, they were something I really wanted and love now that I have them for myself. I am not a big jewelry person - but this style is more ME. Here's a link to one