Thursday, October 13, 2011

Being Frank

I drove nearly 200 miles for work yesterday, to visit one funeral home and one gravely ill patient.   It was a pretty day and a pretty drive, with golden fields, beautiful autumn leaves, and dozens of new windmills to look at for part of the way.    (Next time maybe I'll stop the car to take the photos!)

 To my amusement, I passed through several places that all began with the word "Frank."   (I am easily amused.)   There was Frankenmuth, of course, along with Frankentrost, Frankenhilf and Frankenlust.  I looked them all up when I got home, and apparently the names were declarations of the courage, comfort, assistance and joy, of the Franconian Germans who settled there.  

What can I say?   It passed the time.

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Kaybe said...

Can't have too many of those - the declarations that is. Maybe they were on to something there. The scenery on the drive looks splendid!

Take good care,