Wednesday, July 4, 2012

When Life Gives Us Lemons, It's Not Always A Bad Thing!

I have lemons, two of them, on my lemon tree!    I bought this little lemon tree at the end of the season last year, for about $2 on clearance, just because I thought it would be a pretty indoor plant.   I assumed it was an ornamental and wouldn't bear fruit, but last week I discovered the baby lemons.   I suppose it's unlikely that they will hang on to maturity, but I sure hope they do!
I'm not working today because my employer doesn't want to pay me holiday pay.   It's a shame, because today will be the day that most of our hospice families are able to visit.   Many patients are unresponsive when I visit, so the families are the ones I really want to see, but many of them work during the usual week.  I offered to go in with regular pay, or no pay at all, but apparently that's a big No-No.

So instead, I am enjoying my Independence.    
I'm hoping to do a little cleaning (because a LOT of cleaning is needed!), get caught up on my laundry, and work on a quilt square that has to be done by a deadline that is rapidly approaching.  There is an "excessive heat warning" again today --  it is too hot outside for me to think about doing anything else!

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sue in mexico mo said...

I had a small indoor lemon tree once. The lemons didn't ripen. Keep us informed on your tree.
It is too bad about not being with the families. Do you even meet all of them?
It is very hot here in Mexico, MO, also. Scary hot! I don't have ac at my business (12,000 ft. warehouse type building) so I won't be staying there long today.
I love your fireworks photo. Have you ever been in Sanibel on the 4th? We were one year and it was fun. Maybe I'll plan to be there next year on the 4th. . .