Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kid Stuff

I played two rousing games of Uno this week with my son, granddaughter and grandson.    Afterward, my newly-six-year-old granddaughter advised me that I was The Main Loser.   But, she explained, with sweet solemnity, there was good news, too --  she had noticed that, although I had lost both games, I hadn't made a fuss about it.   (Thanks for noticing!)

My three-year-old great niece was playing with  Scully, a stuffed parrot with a bandana on its head, and chattering to herself.    "Scully is a parrot," she said.    "All parrots are birds."    She paused for a moment, gave me an impish grin, and concluded:  "All birds wear hats."      I was duly impressed.   That's about the level of logic I had when I was taking logistics, not my favorite class, in college.

I like the way little kids think; they make me laugh.    But I know for sure that they grow up too fast, because today is my first little kid's birthday.    It doesn't exactly seem like yesterday that he was born - for either of us, I'm sure - but it sure doesn't seem like it could have been 36 years ago, either.   He was the cutest little kid I've ever seen, and grew up into the best man I've ever known.    I love him, bunches and bunches, and hope he has the best birthday ever.


spindelmaker said...

How touching :-) Congratulations on becoming a other 36 years ago!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Bet those 36 years flew by too. Happy birthday to BOTH of you!

Snowbird said...

They will always be our babies! My babies are 46 and 48. Impossible!!