Monday, October 22, 2012


My million projects are coming along.   I discovered Madame Samm's Blog Hops, and I'm busily working on my Holiday Pillow for the Blog Hop - it has to be ready to show sometime between November 21 and 30th (my birthday week!),  and - although I am not 'hopping' in this project, I am also making coin purses that I'll reveal during the UR Priceless Blog Hope from November 5 to 13.    
I also 'joined' a Quilt-a-long with 52 Quilts in 52 Weeks, and I've completed the first braid for my braid quilt.   I need to get to the fabric store tomorrow to buy my sashing fabric and, of course, I need to get the other braids done.    I think they will go more quickly than this one did, as I had lots of beginner's frustration and had to rip out more than a few seams along the way.   But, however frustrating the process, I'm happy with the way the first one turned out!    Just don't look into the bedroom I use for my sewing projects . . . it is beyond messy.
The weather here has been fine and chilly, although we had a sudden rain and hail storm tonight, and they are talking about temps in the 80's by mid-week.    I went to the shooting range today and did okay-ish.     I made vegetable beef soup for dinner, and have a squash in the oven, planning to make squash soup tomorrow.     Another knitted scarf is more than half-way done.   
 AND I voted tonight - I am eligible now for an absentee ballot, one of the advantages of being OLD! The cooler weather and early darkness seem to get me moving!


sue in mexico mo said...

LOL It wore me out just reading this You sure are busy.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Good morning honey
Wow I am so proud of you accomplishing all of these wonderful projects.
I have always wanted to learn to knit but have no place near here to go for lessons.
After reading your side bar I realized we sure do need to be neighbors we have sooooo much in common.
All my life I have dreamed of living somewhere that I could fly fish. haha Considering I don't even know how is really funny.
We must keep in touch more.

Carrie P. said...

Can't wait to see your blog hop projects. I thought about doing the pillow but just don't have the time. The braid quilt along looks interesting.
We have early voting here but I am going to wait until the official day.

Kaybe said...

lol - I'm having a hard time convincing my Mom it's ok to sign the envelope on her absentee ballot.

Valspierssews said...

I love all the projects you have on the go. Your hand stitching sure looks neat. I missed signing up for future hops. I guess I was too excited about my first one. I will try to look in on your blog hop projects when the time comes.


Ditto on that, for someone that has a list of todo's on her blog,, MY GOODNESS. thanks for stopping by my blog today, You have a new friend !!!