Sunday, October 28, 2012

I Got Mail!

I got a bloggy-prize package in the mail yesterday, from Selina at Selina Quilts -- a wonderful embroidered autumn-themed pin cushion (scarecrow, pumpkin, crow, an acorn, and more!),  and some bits and pieces of harvest-colored fabrics.    I can't wait to work those pretty colors into one of my projects!   (and what an unexpectedly beautiful day we had here -- I couldn't get a photo without shadows because of the bright sunlight streaming through my windows!)
I started trying to machine-quilt the edges of my pillow top -- nothing fancy, no "FMQ" in my near future, I just wanted to sew blocks to hold the batting still.    As several on-line tutorials have suggested, I tried using transparent thread on the top, with a bobbin of ordinary thread.   I am doing something wrong.    It seems to work well enough, but when I cut off the threads,  the line of stitches unravels, even if I've back-stitched.   Another problem is that the transparent thread gets tangled on the spool, eventually breaking.    I might decide to hand quilt both the pillow and the fish quilt if I don't figure it out soon.

My brother called today from the west coast.    His first granddaughter was born this week to my (only) niece!      He said he was surprised by how moved he was by her birth.    That made me laugh.   He has NO idea yet -- wait until he meets her!

I finally watched the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel today on Netflix.    A lot of things haven't seemed all that alright lately.    So it's good to be reassured that it's not the end.


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hi honey
Wish I knew what to tell you about your problem. It's been so long since I have tried quilting or sewing I would be little help.
I do hope though you figure it out.
Wonderful news about your niece. Congrat's to all. Yes just wait until he meets her. lol
Always good to hear from you. I think of you often.
Try to have a great week.

Carrie P. said...

congrats on the very cute pincushion and fabrics. always fun to win a giveaway.
that is sweet about your brother.
not any help with the thread. I have tried using it and never got good results either.

Valspierssews said...

I love all your give away win stuff. The pin cushion is very cute.
I can't understand why your nylon thread unravels. I haven't had any problem that I can see. Is your stitch length around 2 (2mm). I imagine that the longer the stitch the easier it would unravel. I do have a problem with it getting caught behind the spool as I sew. My bobbin makes a little rattle when it happens so I just stop and unwind the tangle. It doesn't happen very often. I have a stretch net tube that came with my overlocker to stop the thread tangling maybe you could find something like that to cover the spool but still let the thread unwind. Congrats on the new grandniece. I haven't seen that movie but the reviews look good and I love Judi Dench.
Sorry about your wall.