Monday, October 8, 2012

Rolling Along

To my utmost surprise, I've actually completed a few of my projects -- has maturity and discipline suddenly hit as I approach my 63rd year?    So unlikely, but things are getting done nonetheless.
I finished my prayer shawl -- only a year and a half in the making! --and completed a washcloth and two change purses.   For those of you who (like me) didn't know, finishing projects is fun!   I might have to try it again some day.

My sister and brother both recently remarked that they might like to go target shooting with me so the pressure is one -- my sister has never shot before, and I'm hoping she will like it.    But for my brother, I need to be my best;  it would be very satisfying to hold my own with him since he's been shooting all his life in comparison to my less-than-two years.    I did pretty well at 15 feet,

but I need a LOT of work at 50 feet.

I think I need to get to the range a lot more often, and maybe it's also time to start doing the presidential debate thing and talking down my ability to shoot.   If my brother gets the notion that he should brush up on his skills, my plan is doomed!

I hope everyone is enjoying as beautiful an autumn as we are having here!   I was not happy to see frost on my rooftop this morning, but the colors are amazing!

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