Wednesday, November 28, 2012

End Of Month, End Of Year

The end of the month is looming, and for me the end of the month will also mean the end of my 62nd year.   I am trying to adjust to the idea that I will be 63.    It's hard to wrap my mind around.    I've been working on a new 65 Things To Do Before I'm 64 list, but so far I'm only up to 3.    No ambition, I guess.

I have a TON of knitting, quilting and sewing to do in the next (very) few weeks, but I sidelined myself last weekend by filleting the corner off my thumb.    I hate that feeling when my mind is screaming STOP!  KNIFE!  but my arm is going la-di-da-di-da.

Only two more days before I get to (have to) reveal my Holiday Pillow in my first-ever Blog Hop.    I've been visiting all the other bloggers, and MAN do I wish I had time for a do-over!   Go ahead, check out the stuff people are doing out there -  you'll see exactly what I mean.


Barbara said...

I know just what you mean about the do-over. Feel that way every time (thrice) that I participate in a blog hop. People are so clever. imagination whatsoever.

Mrs A said...

Woo hoo, your first hop, good one! I find that I am all excited to do a hop and then run out of time, I just do my own thing in the end and its all ok! And hey we are keeping it real too, our home is not perfect :)

MdmSamm said...

HI, not sure if you have a post for today, but if you do let us know so we can everyone know so they can cheer you on..