Saturday, November 10, 2012


I have been busy in my head lately but not getting as much done as I should in Real Life.    But now I have to get moving -- a couple of days ago I learned that my daughter will be visiting from New Orleans and that she will arrive sometime in the next two or three days.    My guest room has recently been re-purposed as my crafting/sewing/cutting/sorting/wrapping/fabric-storage/packing/laundry-folding room,  with no room for an actual guest, so there is a lot of work to be done before my daughter arrives.   

In the meantime -- and adding even more distraction to my already distracted mind -- I received in the mail yesterday the BEST prize package from Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt.    I love her Blog Hops because they make me believe that I can actually create something.    They are filled with inspiration.   I learn so much from the Hops that it's crazy to think that I also won a prize!    She provides prizes for participants AND for people who just comment, and I was lucky enough to get all this swag as a result, all wrapped up in a shiny, red package that made my mailbox pop.   
Not only did Madame Samm send a whole bundle of winter fabric by Riley Blake Designs, but also a spool of Gutermann quilting thread, some interesting double-pointed needles by John James (which I can't wait to try!), AND my favorite chamomile tea and chocolates!
So, at a time when I definitely should be organizing and doing laundry and getting my house in order, I am instead cutting out more coin purses (from Madame Samm's fabulous pattern) and thinking of more projects to add to my every-growing unfinished project pile.      I did finish another little coin purse yesterday -- I used transparent thread this time to attach the frame.     I know it isn't as strong as quilting thread, and it's no fun to work with, but it worked and -- with many repetitions -- seems sturdy.    Best of all, of course,  my stitches are far less noticeable.  
Using the "carrot and stick" theory, I've promised myself that I can make another coin purse later today, just as soon as I get that guest room in order, so I may have another finished project to post in the next day or so.


Kaybe said...

The "carrot & stick" theory works for me too. I love Tazp teas. Calm is better than sleepy time or sweet dreams for bringing on the sandman. xo

Carrie P. said...

You are on a winning streak. Love that fabric. Congrats!