Sunday, September 15, 2013

September Weekend

My friend and I finished power washing my front porch this week.    The good news is that it's ready to paint.   That is also the bad news, of course.    The reward for a job well done always seems to be more work!    My friend did most of the work but took one short break while I 'manned' the water wand, and I plan to use that fact to reinvent my memory so that I will remember this as a day that I was the one who worked the hardest.    I'm counting on his being too polite to argue if the subject comes up.

During that break we enjoyed my blueberry galette. With ice cream, of course.   -- I made it in a pie pan this time because the last time it leaked all over the cookie sheet!   I'm not sure it's still a galette when it's nestled in a pie pan, but labels don't count for much when it comes to desserts.
We also took down the old antenna and put up another.   My friend absolutely hated the one in the frame, although it worked well enough.   The new one is so unobtrusive that you can barely see it in this photo.    A final 'fix' will go up when the better quality ladder line arrives. 
I got my new call sign this week -- I am now officially NO8U.    Not the call of my dreams, I guess,   partly because there aren't that many available in this category but mostly because I'm just not clever about what kind of call to pick.    The new sign is still a little awkward to use because of its new-ness, but it is the "2x1" (2 letters, 1 number and 1 letter) that I wanted (although a friend has admonished me that size doesn't matter).     I know I will quickly adjust to it, as I did to the others.   This is my 3rd call sign since March, and I plan to stick with it for that reason alone.   Maybe I'll even get it embroidered on a fleece or something!    Or maybe I'll work it into another crafting project.   Hmmmmm.

And, at long last,  this was my fly fishing weekend.   I met with several Fly Girls at Gates Au Sable in Grayling, Michigan --- what a lovely place, with rooms that have a second door that opens right up onto the river, helpful staff and a great restaurant.     

And, while lots of groups claim to welcome and mentor their members, the Fly Girls really are a remarkable and very supportive group of women, and I always have a good time at their events.   Even so, I was especially happy that my brother decided to meet me on this trip and fish with me there.   The best of both worlds, I had the companionship of the other women for dinners and evenings around the fire, and spent a day wading the river with my Bro.    As usual for me, I didn't catch anything but my own shoulder and an assortment of debris, but I had a wonderful time all the same.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You sound busy and excited. I'm so glad you're doing such fun things.

Barbara said...

I think you might be having too much fun! Your galette looks delicious. I have the same problem with mine leaking all over. i usually put them on a foil-lined rimmed baking sheet. A pie pan is a good idea.

Emily said...

Wow, your life is deliciously full! I especially like when galette is part of it :-)