Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hot Time, Summer in Saginaw

Today is my son's 40th birthday -- how time flies!  He has been a joy to me from the minute he was born.  I remember it like it was yesterday, which clearly it was not.  Both of us are a lot older than when this photo was taken right after he was born.
I made him a birthday cheesecake last night, which is something of a tradition for me, and I burned my hand in the process, which is probably also something of a tradition.   I have always been clumsy in the kitchen and it gets worse every year!    But we enjoyed the cheesecake today, and I love hearing his children sing to him.  They decorated their house last night to surprise him.   Their happy family makes for a very happy grandma.  :)

It feels like I am so very busy but really there is nothing much new to report.   Our Search and Rescue group has gone on a couple of recent searches and those are always learning experiences.  Our hope is that we will get more skilled and provide more education with each search so that local communities and families won't have to face search emergencies alone.  Local law enforcement is not trained in search science but is often hesitant to accept our free, trained assistance, so it's a constant up hill battle just to get allowed in and too many people stay lost for too long as a result.  Law enforcement will actually tell us that they don't need our help because they don't know where to look, and it is hard to convince them that we can help them by determining the best place to start.   In many states, including ours, hundreds of people go missing every year and too many searches are postponed and abandoned.  There really is a better way, and we keep trying to teach people about it.

We are having a burst of brutal summer heat this month.   My daughter in Louisiana says it is cooler there than it has been here, so you know it is way too hot for my Michigan blood.   Meanwhile, on the home front, my air conditioning is not working properly.   Even with the AC running at full tilt, the house hasn't gotten hotter than 85 degrees  (or cooler than 83, so it is not an emergency, but it is annoying).    I am hot, but I am also anxious to learn how much it will cost to fix.   But since there are people in this recent heat wave who are in way worse shape, my appointment is not for several more days.   The heat has cut into my energy level but I am an excellent slacker, so it's not as great hardship as it would be for some, but it is definitely not ideal. 

My honey is out of town (and I am missing him terribly),  so I am home more this week with a lot less fun stuff to distract me, and the warm environment has caused me to reduce my activities in general,  specifically my sewing.   But I sewed quite a bit last week at his much cooler house.   I've made a number of little bags and am working on a carry-on-sized travel bag that I hope will be useful and pretty enough to justify making more as gifts.  I'm also hoping it cools off a little so that I can comfortably sew here at home again soon -- I've moved my machine downstairs where it is cooler, and have a whole stack of projects I'd like to get to this week. 
This is the very best time for food, our local farmers' markets are bursting at the seams.   I've tried a couple of new okra recipes and am loving the fresh fruit and sweet corn and tomatoes!   But back to school stuff is on sale in our local stores, so I know it won't last much longer, even though I am hoping for a lot more summer.   I have that mix of emotions, wishing for cooler weather but not wanting the summer to end!   I haven't been out in the kayak yet or dipped a fishing pole into a river, so I have lots to do in the next few weeks.    Things are good in my part of the world.  I hope the same is true for you. 


Barbara said...

What a lovely picture of you with your son. Just a few more years and I'll be right there beside you with a child in his 40s.

spindelmaker said...

I agree with Barbara: what a beautiful picture of you and your son!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That really is a beautiful photo of you and your son.

It's been brutally hot both in Chicago and at the lake house. Seems I can't escape the heat no matter where I'm at.

The price for fixing the A/C may be cheaper if you wait until it's not super hot - the A/C guys are running like crazy right now. :-)

StitchinByTheLake said...

It seems we were pregnant at the same time...though my son was born in March. He is a delight to my heart, of course. My sister's AC went out day before yesterday. The cost was huge but her house is huge. :( I wonder if you would consider adding one of those "follow me by e-mail" things to your blog? I'm obviously out of the loop and haven't read your blog for a while but it's so much easier for me not to miss anything if I get it in my e-mail. :) blessings, marlene