Wednesday, July 6, 2016


The year is now half over and I would slow it down if I could because this has been a good one!   It has been a beautiful summer here in Mid-Michigan.   It gets hot, but not for long enough to suffer, and then it gets cool, but not for long enough to matter.  Lots of sun and, although we could definitely use some rain, it has been otherwise perfect.   My kids have opened their pool after a lot of work and the Littles (and I) are loving it!  Not that I have had much time for pool-ishness, it's been a busy few weeks.
The 4th of July was lots of fun.   I saw a fireworks display on purpose for the first time since my kids were small.   And I loved it!   I was surprised at what a great job my town does with fireworks,  I never would have believed it could put on so amazing a show.

I have been sewing an assortment of stash-busters.   I made a gift basket for the girlfriend who introduced me to my Sweetie, using a cute (free) pattern I found on Craftsy.  I loved the way it turned out, except that the final step, top stitching along the upper edge,  ended up with a nightmare of birds' nest tangles on my old (now gone) machine.   I needed to pick it all out and then do it over on someone else's machine.    The basket took me about an hour to make (not counting the tear down and re-sew that wasn't as much fun).   I am guessing that future ones will go faster, so I am planning to make more, maybe to use as packing boxes for Christmas gifts.   My friend's gift basket included a candle (soylicious, the melted 'wax' turns into a massage oil), Cupid socks, a bracelet with an "unexpected miracle" charm, bath gel and some wine.   It made her laugh.
I am using smaller scraps to make little cosmetic zipper bags and I want to try a bag soon that uses an old metal retractable ruler inside for the closure.   I love these quick projects that take so little time and make, if only the smallest, dent in the clutter in my sewing cabinet that is stuffed full of fabric.

I am also pulling out all my pre-cuts and sewing them into quilt tops.  Nothing fancy, nothing planned.   Some of them work, some not so much.  I like the bright quilt top I made from the Kaffe Collective Cool 2016 layer cake that was one of the Daily Deals at Missouri Quilt.   
I am not so crazy about the quickie jelly roll quilt, also a Daily Deal from long ago so I don't remember what it was called, and plan to cut that one up into squares and try again.    

I am working on a duffle bag from other Kaffe Cool 2016 prints, working my way through my gaudy phase.

I struggled so much about which sewing machine to buy and ended up with a much less expensive model than I had planned and I don't regret it.  I can see now that the best way to figure out what I need in a machine is to have one that I can actually use, and I am using this one a lot and making mental notes about what I do and do not like about it.

My mail carrier has been busy bringing me packages of fabric, trim, hardware and -- most exciting of all! -- the most beautiful sari skirts.   I am not sure I will ever wear them; I don't like drawing attention to myself and I feel old and dumpy.   Even so, they are the most beautiful fabric I have ever owned and I love them.   I've already bought some for my DIL who will be beautiful in them,  but even if I never wear them out of the house I do not regret buying some for myself.   The photo, a selfie of the skirt over my nightie, doesn't do justice to how pretty the silk is.   I am tempted to throw the skirts over a curtain rod and display them that way.   I'll try to get a sunny photo the next time I think of it.   I got them from Darn Good Yarn and no kidding they are worth every penny!  Besides that, they eliminate wasting the fabric and create jobs for women who would otherwise suffer from poverty.  
Less is going on in the kitchen than in the sewing room these days, which is rare for me, but I did make a fantastic lasagna using thin cuts of farmers' market zucchini instead of pasta.   We didn't miss the noodles at all, to my surprise.   All the taste and texture was still there.    What an easy way to eat low-carb without feeling deprived!   Yum.
I hope you are all having a wonderful summer, too.   Be happy. :)

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

OMG - that skirt is gorgeous on you and if you paired it with a pretty top, you should go ahead and wear it out of the house. Life is too short. Go for it girl!

I am so far behind in my blogging - June and July have been very busy at the lake. xo