Saturday, December 10, 2016

Counting Down

Not much is new even though the days are so full that they seem to be flying by.  This is such a busy time of year and it doesn't help that it is colder than heck.   When the air is frigid, it's hard to force myself out of the house especially since retirement (oh how I love thee!) gives me the option of Putting Things Off.   Besides, isn't making a list almost the same as actually doing the thing?    I seem to be living my life on that principle!   Even so, little by little, things are getting done, gifts are being wrapped, cookies are being baked . . . it's all good.

I am still sewing although I am losing track of who I am sewing for.   I've been using my stash of 5" squares to make table runners -- I have several "charm packs" in my cupboard that I haven't gotten around to using, and I am trying to work my way through those neglected fabrics.  I have potential runners laid out on the floors of my house and when I have a spare hour I stitch them together and add them to the pile.   I figure if I am invited to any more holiday dinners, I can take one along as a hostess gift since I am accumulating quite a supply of them!
I am also still making cute little purses for no one in particular.   I love these little 30-minute projects!   I participated in a cute "Santa Swap" with  The Peach Patch, and received a lovely group of fat quarters that I immediately turned into another purse.   It was so much fun -- I received fabric that I don't think I ever would have chosen, and I absolutely loved the result.   If I ever get to the point where I can justify buying fabric again, I will make some different choices!   (Okay, we know that part about not buying more fabric was a lie, since my internet shopping carts are always full and JoAnn thinks I am part of her immediate family since I am there so often!)
My guy wants me to take the little bags to local shops to see whether there is a market for them since I am making more than I need, and,  although I think it's a worthwhile idea, I haven't done it yet.   He sees more value in my work than I do, and is sweetly supportive.  We have toyed with the idea of renting a booth at a craft fair next summer, mostly just for fun and, in a perfect world, to help support my 'habit'!  But those ideas can be shoved aside until the holidays are over.    I still have a couple of pillow cases and a scarf to finish and wrap in the next week or two, and then maybe I can start to think about the next plan.

As I've mentioned before, I am an amateur radio operator and this year, when I renewed my tabs, I finally indulged myself by applying for a license plate with my call sign on it -- finally, I have a license plate that I can memorize!  
This is also the season of Christmas concerts and kids' school activities and I do love to see the  Grands all dressed up and performing.   They had their strings concert last week and the oldest will have a band concert this coming week,  and in both cases my job is to proudly listen (and usually cry).    The Littles are growing up way too fast.   This is the last year before the oldest enters his teens.    I have so many things to be thankful for.     Now if I could stop being such a slacker . . .   I had hoped to have my house listed for sale by now but I still haven't gotten the basement cleaned out and now other houses on the block have been listed.   Sigh.     Maybe the new year will bring me a whole new energy, or maybe I will relax even more into inertia.   Either way, life is good.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You're putting your house up for sale? Where are you moving?

I LOVE the idea of you selling your projects at a craft show. I actually want to sell my bracelets and other stamped items next fall at some shows. We'll see if I actually make that happen.

Barbara said...

Your place is looking very festive. Hubby is always encouraging me to make and sell stuff too. I'm just afraid it will take the fun out of it. A friend sold quilts at a craft fair in her small community and made quite a bit of $$$ doing it, however. Definitely you can support your habit that way.

spindelmaker said...

Hope you´re having a wonderful advent!