Monday, December 12, 2016

Snow and More Snow

Christmas plans are moving right along.  Where possible, I am wrapping my gifts in pillow cases that I've made for the recipient, with a French theme, or a Math theme, or a Chemistry theme, depending on who they are for.   This  has been fun, and I'm sorry that I already gave the Grands their pillow cases instead of saving them for Christmas!

We had a winter storm this weekend, it seems like my house got maybe 10 inches or so.   I shoveled twice and, although I do not mind shoveling (much), I somehow wrenched my left arm on the second go-round.  As a result Shovel #3 did not go as smoothly and Shovel #4 was out of the question.  I've decided to let the last couple of inches lie, at least for the moment.  Meanwhile, I am plying myself with ibuprophen and heat.   Not much to be done for it since the warranty on that arm is long expired. 
I used yesterday, home alone, for laundry and wrapping and baking.  It was a good enough day but I am so spoiled, not used to being alone all day, and can't pretend for a minute that I want to make a habit of it.   Still, I kept busy.   I made my first "Spritz" cookies, using a cookie press.   They were fun to make although they are not all that tasty, at least to my taste. I also made a batch of cheese straws, which were a major pain to make but kind of interesting.   Sometimes I wonder if that's the formula: the more aggravation a thing requires, the better it tastes.  No wonder I'm not that great a cook any more.   I take a lot of shortcuts these days.

I also got another table runner top done, but now I need to find fabric -- hopefully in my stash -- for the backing.  
I'm glad I got a lot done yesterday since today my bum arm is slowing me down.    Since I am spending a lot of time with tea and a heating pad, this might be a good day to turn off the news (depressing!) and turn on the Christmas music instead as I send out hopeful wishes for a peaceful Advent and a Holiday that truly represents good will to all.

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I love spritz cookies altho I admit to drizzling some frosting over them. :-)

We got 8" of snow over the weekend which kept my husband busy working 2 nights in a row. I'm thankful to get it.