Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

My short trip to Chicago was so much fun.   We did a whole lot of nothing and froze our butts off, but it was fun.  We ate at some great little restaurants, laughed a lot, enjoyed the city lights, drank hot cocoa and wine, and saw the amazing Terracotta Warrior exhibit at the Field Museum.    I hadn't realized that, in addition to thousands of amazing Warriors, each one a unique individual, the excavation in China is revealing a complete terracotta kingdom, including an entire government, and landscaped underground rivers with wildlife.  Truly amazing!
Despite the (bitter) cold,, we walked a lot, and I was grateful for my warm and waterproof Vasque boots -- the ones I got when my bloggy friend Kim reviewed them on her blog!
I didn't take many photos because they fogged up and froze my fingers when I tried, so you'll just have to imagine the good times we had.  It was so nice to get away from the normal routine and just enjoy 'us' time.  We came home fat and sassy and then bam, my honey came down with the dreaded Traveler's Yuck, so our Holiday plans are on hold until we see how quickly he bounces back (and whether or not I follow him down the Path of Sickness.  My plan is to stay healthy, though, because I come from hardy folk!)  

So I spent Christmas Eve Eve alone, with my presents wrapped and under the tree and my menu planned but unprepared, and it is quite possible that I will spend Christmas Eve the same way.   Oh well, we are flexible to a fault here and accustomed to going with the flow, so will have a celebration whenever it happens.  Meanwhile, I am counting my blessings.   And looking forward to the mornign when the Grands will arrive for brunch and presents!  Today, left to my own devices, I am  making lists of projects for when I unpack the sewing machine again on Monday.   Meanwhile, I will spend the morning baking un-needed coffee cakes and preparing for tomorrow's beignets.   This extra, unplanned time alone might even inspire me to start cleaning up that landfill I call a craft room -- that would be a Christmas Miracle indeed!

However your own plans turn out, I wish you all a happy and loving Christmas!

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I'm so happy you had a great time in Chicago. Have you thawed out yet?

I hope your honey-bunny is feeling better quick.

When my daughter got here we raided the box of fabric you sent me and we've decided on some bandanas for her german shepherd as our first project. I may even tackle some dog collars. I saw some cute ones of each on Etsy and it sparked an idea for a new product line. We'll see what transpires. As usual, I have a head full of ideas and not enough time to implement everything. LOL.

Merry Christmas my dear friend. xo