Wednesday, June 28, 2017


We have had record flooding in my area but, for no good reason, I have been spared.  Counties and homes all around me have been declared disaster areas, but not a drop of water in my basement.   Mother Nature is capricious.
Well, the part about the dry basement is not entirely true -- there WAS some water in my basement, but it came from my broken water heater and not from the storms.   My fella hooked up a new one and things are dry and warm again.  After several days without hot water, I was amazed to be reminded what a luxury it is.   We are so fortunate in so many ways that we, or at least I,  take for granted.   Having a Handy Guy is also a luxury that fills me with gratitude, by the way.  :)

Today I took my Grands to visit a Lego art exhibit at a local art museum -- what fun!   We saw dozens of 'reproductions' of paintings and sculptures, as well as a lot of original art, all made entirely of regular ol' Lego bricks.    It was quite amazing, and always fun to spend time with the Littles.

When I got home, I discovered in the mail that arrived today that I've been ordering fabric . . . again.   Oh, such pretties, five different kinds.   I really need to learn to sew well enough for these not to be a waste.  I should also probably stop buying things just because they are pretty, without any real project in mind!

My guy is also, apparently, an impulse shopper.   He decided that it would be fun for me to have a "starter" embroidery machine, although I had never used or even considered one.   Next thing I knew, I was embroidering.   And he was right, it IS fun.     The last thing I needed was another list of projects to make, but what the heck.     My mother used to say that busy hands are happy hands . . . she was wrong about almost everything else, but I'm hoping she was right about this!


Barbara said...

Well, I'm glad you were spared the flooding. Yeesh. Get that our of your system, Michigan, before we drive through. We had a water heater spring a leak once...right after we'd cleaned up from a flooded basement that happened when an upstairs pipe burst. Two floods in one year was a little much. Your embroidery looks good! My boys would have loved the Lego artwork. Erik was quite the lego engineer.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

I would keep that guy! :)

Glad you were spared the flooding.

I know what you mean about the hot water heater. Been there done is so true what we take for granted. Sometimes I'll be reading the news on the Net in the morning and then later be in the hot shower thanking God that I just live in America and have this hot water coursing down on sad and upset about the conditions that so many in the world are living under and going through.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Wow - the embroidery is so cool. You are going to love that!