Friday, June 16, 2017

Mid-Way Through the Mid-Way Month

Little bits of sewing are still going on, but I have slowed down since taking my sewing machine back upstairs where it "belongs."   When I had it downstairs on the dining table I sewed every spare minute, but my house always felt a bit cluttered, which I do not like.   I am trying to rethink the best way and place for it going forward.   Meanwhile, I've sewed more little bags for no good reason,
and I learned from Barbara at Cat Patches about a "I Found a Quilted Heart" project so I made up a few of those, too.  A great scrap buster and a fun idea, sort of like geo-caching.   The idea is to hide the hearts in public areas with a tag that invites people to post their "find" on Facebook or a website.     I think this will be fun, and I am all for anything that gives people a smile or a reason to feel hopeful about their fellow humans.

It has been beautiful here this month, and I am so glad I took the few minutes to plant flowers in my window boxes this year.  I love seeing them.   It is just too dang bad that I was too lazy to actually plant a garden, too.
My backyard has become a visiting place for a whole bunch, a murder, I believe it's called, of crows.   They start calling out to each other as soon as I go out to put fresh water in the bird bath and the crowds begin to assemble.   They quiet down when I am done, before I go back inside, and then they bathe, wash their food, and generally enjoy themselves before leaving again, my birdbath dirty again with bird debris and leftover food.  It's a nice diversion for all of us.

My sweetie surprised me a little bit ago with a no-reason Apple watch.   I was completely taken by surprise -- I would never have bought one for myself, but we are Apple folk, for sure.   The other day, as we sat side by side, we realized that, at that moment, we had 7 different devices in action between us.   The watch has been more useful than I would have expected, and receiving and answering texts is one of my favorite things about it, although being able to 'share' a heartbeat with my honey has been fun, too.   But it also  has activity circles that, in a perfect world, would close each day after beginning each morning as a small dot.   I am having the darndest time trying to figure out how to make my circles close, doing more and more each day with no success or movement of one of the circles.   My goal this weekend is to figure out what I am doing wrong so that I can have the satisfaction of a completely circular display.   
We spent last weekend on a golf course, although neither of us plays golf, because one of the families we worked with a couple years ago in search and rescue puts on an annual golf benefit for us and the other groups who helped them look for their dad.  Although their story did not have a happy ending, they are determined to bring good out of it, and they have become great champions of search and rescue as well as mental health and suicide prevention groups.  It has really touched me the way that they have channeled their pain, anger and loss into something positive for the community.   These days I appreciate reminders of the goodness of people more than I ever have before.

'Saw Wonder Woman last week -- fun! -- and going to see the Pirates movie tonight.   My guy likes movies, I like popcorn.   A match made in heaven.  :)   Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You are busy, busy, busy! I didn't even know there was such a thing as an Apple watch. SHows how behind the times I am. LOL.

Barbara said...

Mike absolutely loves his Apple watch. When he got his first iPhone, I was terribly envious, and then I wanted one. He's had the watch for a couple of years (or maybe just a year). So far, fabric is a better choice for me. Enjoy it seems like a handy device. I like your heart. I'm just taking my heart-shaped cookie cutter downstairs. Hoping to make my first one today so I'll have it when we go walking on Monday.