Sunday, October 25, 2020

Still Staying Home

My sweet granddaughter was in a play this week and, both when the kids auditioned and when the first notices were sent out,  it was billed as an outdoor performance.  I bought tickets for the second night and was very excited at the prospect.  I miss seeing my family.  So much.  A day or so before the play, the drama teacher changed it to an indoor venue.  I understood the decision, no one in their right mind plans outdoor activities here this time of year because the weather is always unpredictable and sure enough, it rained like crazy the day of the first performance and even our high temperatures are on the cold side.  My daughter in law attended the first night's performance and reported back to me.  They sold only 100 tickets in the 700-capacity hall, and people were told to wear masks but, typically, many of them removed them as soon as they took their seats.   No one from the venue reminded people to put the masks back on.  The seating areas were marked to provide distance, but some people were seated less than 6 feet from other patrons.  Her conclusion was that it was a moderately good attempt but still risky; my son advised that I stay home and opined that it had been well intended but poor judgement on the part of the school to hold a public performance at this point in the pandemic.  I struggled with the information all day, but ended up staying home.  I keep telling people we need to follow the science and concluded that I needed to listen to my own preaching, especially at a time when our infection rates are escalating.  I figured that it would be better to remain healthy for future events in the kids' lives than to risk my health over one small event.   But seeing so little of my family makes me sad, and missing even one small play makes me sadder.

I made and sent off another small star quilt to be quilted, this one measured 50 inches square.  I forgot to take a photo after I added the final border, which is blue.  

They are so quick and easy to make but really, I need to stop making little quilts for no reason, I suppose.  When I went through my stash looking for border material, I was horrified to find yards (and yards) of fabric, much of it still in shipping packages, that I had totally forgotten I have.  I could make dozens more small quilts and still not run out of options.   So maybe I should go ahead and make them and then next year give one to everyone I know!   I do have a couple other super simple patterns I am thinking about making this week.  I also sent out a string quilt to be quilted, a ridiculous expenditure to quilt so simple a project, but I did it anyway and am sure I will be happy enough for it when it comes back to me.  None of my quilts are expected back before Christmas, so I am especially happy I got the Grands' quilts back -- they are both wrapped and tagged and waiting to be given, while I continue to work on getting over my disappointment about the wrong colors on their backs. I keep reminding myself that I should never spend (well over) five minutes of worry on something that won't matter in five years, but I am evidently not good at letting go.

We are seeing deer regularly out back as the leaves fall and the view opens up.  As you can see from the photo below, they blend in so well that we hardly notice them until they start moving.   Do you see this one?  He is just behind the fallen tree in the middle of the photo, on the right side of the center.

My daughter, my youngest child, turned 41 this week.  Yikes.   All things considered, she is doing well; this is the first birthday either of us can remember in her adult life when she was (she says and I hope and believe) sober.

So I am thankful for that.  I am also thankful for the many woodpeckers visiting our suet feeders this week, for the wandering deer, and for the cute and cozy socks my husband has been making for me to ward off the morning chill.

To paraphrase what Jack says to virtually everyone he meets, including the kid at the fast food burger place, tell me your size and he'll make you a pair of socks!   It is one of his favorite relaxation activities; the more he has on his mind, the more socks he makes.

It is chilly today and I am being domestic while Jack works outside, taking temporary control over the ever-falling leaves.  I made Snickerdoodle pancakes for breakfast, and have a hamburger veggie soup simmering for dinner, along with a cast iron cheesy pizza.  Comfort food for a lovely autumn day.

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Barbara said...

One could certainly do worse than a husband who likes to make socks. Your quilt is very pretty. If making small quilts makes you happy, then I say go ahead. If you need more room to store them, donate them to a worthy charity. I like Quilts for Kids for small quilts. I love when the deer visit our yard too. We are less densely wooded than you, and so we see them out in the open, especially when they are dining on the flowers.