Monday, January 18, 2021


This coming week will hopefully be the beginning of a new chapter here in the United States.  We are far from united at the moment, but this is a moment of hope as we listen to the sane and sensible words of the President Elect.  I am still hanging onto every news development, still shaking my head a lot, but hoping that the inauguration will go peacefully and that many people, some as yet unknown, will be brought to justice before all is said and done.  I am also hoping that the huge number of people who believed the president's and his supporters' lies will finally be willing to look at the truth of what has happened, at how they were betrayed.

Meanwhile, closer to home, Jack and I are back on the dominoes circuit.  Evan is such a lot of fun and, despite our worries about the pandemic, it is good to have this time with him.  We look forward to it every year.  Every week follows the same pattern, and has for years, almost as if the evening is scripted.  I cook a meal, and Evan is a graceful guest.  He will eat whatever I serve him, but some weeks he eats more than one helping and says over and over, "This is good.  This is good," so those menus go on our regular rotation. 

We play a simple game of straight dominoes, several sets a week.  At the end of the season, When Evan's parents return from Florida, we count the tally and declare a winner.  Every set of dominoes contains one blank tile, which adds 50 points to a hand if one is left with it at the end of the round, and a game set  is over once a player hits 100 points, so no one wants to be left holding that tile.   Jack and Evan call this tile "the stinker," and Evan greets it with delight every Sunday when we open the box.  He looks around for it and then, every week, exclaims, "There he is!  There is that stinker!", as if its existence had been in doubt.  He and Jack both do a high five and yell together, "There he is!"  The whole evening is peppered with stinker phrases: "No stinker this round, where could he be?  He's hiding, I know it, he's hiding!"  And they laugh and laugh and laugh. 

It has become a pattern for me to promise every Sunday that I plan to beat them both, and then one of them  will ask, "what did she say?", with the other answering, "I wasn't listening."   And they laugh.  It is simple and silly and miles away from thoughts of politics or illness or conflict.  We look forward to it.  And these days, of course, Evan is our only social life, so maybe it means just a little more.  His parents, in Florida, have been able to get the Covid vaccine.  We here in Michigan, which has gotten repeated shortages of serum, have not.  This is one of the things we are hoping will change after the shift in national leadership, the different deliveries to Republican and Democrat led states.  We would like to see all of the states treated equally, without the vendetta that the president called on our governor with predictable results.

We've had a little luck with our game camera this week, although the woods have been mostly still during the day.  It is time, past time perhaps, for me to try another model to see if we can get better photos, but it is still a thrill for us when an image is captured.   We've had shots of several deer but this is the first antlered buck we've captured, and we think we finally have evidence that the smaller animal I sometimes spot is a fox.

The photos are terrible, of course, but we are easily amused.

One of my (14 year old) granddaughter's drawings, a still life, was posted on her school's Instagram page, and that was a thrill for me to see.  I've seen very little of what the kids are doing this year, and I have missed being more a part of their lives, so every little glimpse is precious.

Not much else is new, of course.  We are playing the New York Times' Spelling Bee, sometimes texting back and forth with my DIL to check on one another's progress.  That has been fun and, just as with the  grands, every contact is precious.  I am working on a few projects and a couple quilt tops.  We are healthy.  These days, that seems more than enough.


Julierose said...

We are looking forward to change also!!
Sounds like fun games at your house; we remain just we two --but healthy and awaiting our shots also...take care hugs, Julierose

Barbara said...

Oh my...I so share your sentiments about the inauguration. We have played dominos at various points in life with various friends. Each time we play, we have to be taught how all over again. Your quilts are so pretty.