Saturday, March 20, 2021


Jack and I both got our second Moderna vaccines on Thursday!  We both felt a little crummy, but not terrible, that night, and his arm was still very sore the next day.  I felt fine but, to my surprise, I kept falling asleep the next day, while Jack went about his regular schedule.   I had expected to be the Big Winner in the Bravest Person competition after this shot, but if there was an award ceremony, I'm afraid I slept through it.   That evening Jack went out for a walk and I was still hunkered down by the fire, eyes drooping.   But later that night, he set up the coffee and put on the timer as he always does, but forgot to put a coffee pot into the device, so I woke up the next day to find 10 cups of coffee all over the floor and in the drawer beneath the pot.  I think perhaps he wasn't feeling as 100% as he claimed.  No matter, we are both thrilled to be vaccinated and just hope that all the crazies out there, those who refuse to take precautions and even refuse to be vaccinated, don't spoil it for us all.

We have two more Sunday dominoes games and then the "season" will be over until next year.  I was far ahead in winning until last Sunday, when I lost every game.  Now Evan and I are neck and neck in the competition . . . and I am hoping he will win.  He really, really does not like to lose to me.

I am working on a menu, as low-stress as possible, for our Easter dinner when my son and his family will be coming over for the first indoor, unmasked gathering in over a year!  It has been SO long since we have had a meal together, I want it to live up to everyone's expectations, but I don't want to spend all day in the kitchen, either.   I am out of the habit of cooking large meals and generally out of the habit of entertaining.   So this will be a fun thing for me to ponder for a few days, and no matter what we end up eating, I know we will all be glad to finally be together again!

I did a few more sewing projects this week.  I made a little bunny mat for my front table, to decorate for Easter week and early Spring, and I made a mug rug of the same design for my Secret Santa. The little mats I've been making for the hall table are only 12 inches square, and the small size makes for a fun and very quick project.  I expect to make several more for the various seasons.  

I put a striped binding on the one quilt that was still sitting around without, and I got started on a birthday table runner, also a Secret Santa gift.  I am pretty sure no one in the secret Santa group ever comes this way -- I sure hope not!  

The birthday runner would be finished except for a series of broken needles that ruined one square and delayed all the others.  I am afraid we will have to take the Solaris in again, a huge frustration when one spends so much on a machine that has the bigger hoops and nicer features, but has never performed as well for us as the cheaper versions.  

This weekend is the beginning of Spring, at least according to the calendar.  I will need to mop the coffee-soaked kitchen floor and do some other housework tasks, but I am hoping to get outside for at least a stroll around my own yard.  Walking is increasingly painful these days, so, although I think it is likely that I will just have to live with it,  I do plan to see a doctor about it soon.  The foot that they x-rayed and diagnosed as broken is sore, but it is the other foot that is causing the most pain, making me wonder whether I broke that one, too, or whether it just wants more attention.  I need to find a solution because I definitely need the exercise, and I will want to be outdoors as the weather improves.  This has been a long year of indoor time, and the possibility of being out and about is just around the corner now!


Julierose said...

YAY for you both!!:))) We've just gotten out of the two week anti-body segment--I was quite sick from the 2nd shot, but hubby sailed through with just a wee headache. My eye Doc said "good for you"--your body make a LOT OF ANTIBODIES!!

I can vouch for that!! I do feel a big sense of relief--tho' we both realize it's not over excited to see my daughter tomorrow!!

My sciatica prevents me from walking a whole lot--I can just about manage 15 minutes every other day--but am plugging along...
hope all is well with you. Pretty pieces you've been working on there...hugs, Julierose

Barbara said...

Yay for being fully vaccinated! We won’t get our second vaccine until 4/24, and not a minute too soon. I’ve heard others say the Moderna vaccine (the one we’re getting too) made them tired. I’m all for that. A day of napping with an excuse...count me in. Your little bunny mat is adorable.