Saturday, April 3, 2021

Upward and Onward

It has been an eventful week, made even more eventful by how long it's been since we've had an eventful week!  The week started with an emergency phone call from my oldest brother, who had fallen at his home and had to call 911.  The local police broke down his door and transported him to the hospital, where they diagnosed him with dehydration.  He was released the same day and Jack and I went to stay with him and fix the door, but only a day later he insisted that he was fine and he seemed well recovered, so we drove home.   We had not even pulled into our driveway when we got another call; he had fallen again, and the police broke his door down again, but he refused to go to the hospital this time.  My brother is a stubborn old coot, no question.  But he was clearly feeling better and managed to stay home and rehydrate himself well enough to visit his own doctor, who confirmed the hospital diagnosis.    


Now that we are all vaccinated, I will resume the frequent visits that were part of my life pre-pandemic.  I will need to add my sister to the visitation schedule -- my brother is two hours north and she is two hours south, but she is still struggling with the covid symptoms and not getting the support I think she needs.

We were barely settled back home when Jack needed to help his oldest son move, after several years at Jack's old house, to a city about 45 minutes away.  We are hopeful that he will find his footing there.   So far things are looking good -- in less than a week, he has gotten his drivers' license and a job, so fingers crossed.    

The next day, on Monday, Jack and I drove to Ludington, about two hours away on the west side of the state, and stayed for a few days in a lovely bed and breakfast.  We were greeted with flowers and chocolates and chocolate covered strawberries, as well as a plate of homemade candies in our room.  The room, which was actually a small suite, had a fake fireplace and a jetted tub with aromatherapy scents.  At breakfast the next morning, the hostess and her son made us an amazing breakfast, as they did all three days that we were there.  And every afternoon she baked us something special to have with tea.  Food was definitely one of the highlights of the trip since the weather was so dreary.  It was too cold to do much -- it even snowed quite a bit! -  and my feet were acting up terribly, but we had a lovely and relaxing time and did see one glorious sunset.   (Speaking of my feet, I've made an appointment with a podiatrist and hope he will have suggestions for some relief.)

When we got  home, it was time to start getting ready for Easter dinner tomorrow, when my son's family is coming over for the first indoor visit in over a year!  So that's what I am doing now.  There will be a lot of food but none of it complicated -- the focus tomorrow is on seeing and spending time with the people I most love.    I can't wait!


Barbara said...

That all looks so lovely and romantic. Hope your brother and sister improve. Thanks for the update. I think of your sister occasionally and wonder how she’s doing. Happy Easter.

Jeanne said...

Sounds like you're going to have your hands full with family matters. Take care! Happy Easter -- enjoy your gathering!!