Sunday, April 11, 2021

Happy Anniversary - To Me!

It's my anniversary!   But I am not sharing this one with my husband.  My blogging adventure began on this date in 2007.  Fourteen years.  Wow, I have had a lot of words!  And a lot of changes in my life.   Relationships, jobs, houses, cars, hobbies, grandchildren's milestones, challenges, marriage . . . It's good to still be here.  According to Professor Google, this is my Ivory anniversary, but I am not expecting any gifts because I wasn't thoughtful enough to buy one for myself.   Maybe next year.  The way my senior brain is fading these days, I could easily surprise myself!  

I feel like this is the year of the needle -- so far this year I have had my two Shingles shots, my two Covid shots, and one Tetanus/Diptheria/Pertussis shot.   I am still "looking forward" to two pneumonia and one flu shot, making me feel more like a pin cushion than I have been at any time in my adult life.  Hopefully that will be the end of it, although I very much expect that Covid boosters are in all of our futures.  But I am hoping that needle crafts will be more the focus from now on than syringes!

The anti-inflammatories and orthotics are giving my foot some relief, but I am hoping for a lot more improvement before my next doctor's appointment.   It is difficult to even imagine having this kind of pain and walking difficulty for the rest of my life, so I am determined to find some kind of solution.  I can manage around the house but there is no way I could take the kind of vacation, or even shopping trip that I have always enjoyed.   Dr. Google has not been much help here; "midfoot arthritis" has been studied quite a bit, and none of the solutions promise to solve much.  But we'll see, techniques keep improving and besides,  I've beat the odds before.

We are finally seeing the occasional bloom on trees out in the yard, and that's enough to brighten anyone's spirits.  The oaks and maples don't have leaves yet but they are starting to form little buds so it won't be long!

Jack saw a weasel out back by the creek and we are hoping for more sightings of that and maybe baby weasels.  I will be glad to see green trees but they will limit our vision so I am enjoying being a nature watcher while I can!  The neighbors tell us that, from their yard, they are occasionally able to see the three foxes that live just a few houses south, but we don't have a view around that bend so we have to wait until the wander by, which isn't all that often.  I'm hoping they expand their residential area a bit this year.

In my crafting time, I've started another knitted cowl.  I don't really need another one, although it will be a fine addition to my gift box, but someone told me that square needles are supposed to be good for arthritic hands and I was intrigued.   I don't really notice any difference but they are pretty and pleasant to use; I love wooden needles. These ones are particularly sweet, with little houses on top.

My granddaughter gave me some sketching tips, and I have practiced my new lessons a few times and plan to do more.   My early sketches don't show much promise, but she is a generous and supportive teacher.

I am working on two quilt tops, both with "star" in their name -- houses were my theme last year and stars seem to be catching my fancy this year, becauseΩ I have several other "star" patterns on my list of things to make.   With luck both will be finished and ready to send out for quilting sometime later this week.  

And this is also the week that I plan to bind and label the baby quilt since Abi is due pretty much any day now.   I am not sure what she will call me to the baby and I don't know what they will name him, so I might attach the label but then write in the message and hand sew the finishing edge after he is born.  The baby quilt is due back from the longarm today, so that will be another task that I look forward to completing.

Just as things are starting to feel hopeful again, the covid infection rates have started going up again locally, and schools are planning to shut down for the next couple of weeks.  My son's family was here last weekend and a fully-vaccinated friend stopped over yesterday for a glass of wine -- I was looking forward to being my recluse-version of social again.  But warmer weather and those few hours with family have strengthened me, and I'm sure we will hang in there until we can all get together again.  I am wishing myself another 14 years of blogging!  I hope you'll come along for the ride.

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Julierose said...

Congratulations on such an impressive timespan of blogging for you;)))
Our Covid cases are also on the rise, but no hints of another lockdown as yet--only more openings...being fully vaccinated now, we are a bit more venturesome--but still staying cautious.
Stars make such lovely quilts--I like that rose fabric in yours a lot...
Hope you can find some relief so that you can resume walking...
hugs, Julierose