Friday, April 23, 2021

Brighter Days

So it appears that Jack's daughter and the baby, who was given the baby-daddy's last name, are home and doing well.  They seem to be handling everything to their satisfaction, and so far they are not interested in company.  Since I am packed and ready to travel, maybe I will stop by to see the Grands and visit a sibling or two!  Jack's daughter-in-law gave him a new shirt, so he can rightly claim that his daughter had a baby and all he got was a tshirt, I guess.  (No mention of me, of course, but oh well.)  We are not getting many updates from his daughter,  so we have to hope and assume that everything is fine.  It's hard for Jack; they talked pretty much every day, for years, before the baby was born, and she was in constant contact through much of the labor, and now it's been "radio silence."  New babies are life changing, for all of us.

I finished one of my "star" quilt tops, and made a cute little wall hanging for the most-used bathroom.   That completes my April list of sewing tasks, so I can start on something new.    My original list is getting whittled down, but my new projects stop it from getting any smaller!

I reeived a couple more quilts back from the longarm quilter, and they've been labeled and packed away for gift-giving.  I am feeling more productive than I was just a few days ago!

Trees are starting to bud and, although we had snow flurries this week, Spring might actually be here, at last!  It is 59 degrees this evening, warm enough for Jack to sit out on the deck, but not warm enough yet to get me out from under my quilt.  My foot is somewhat improved; the anti inflammatories seem to be doing their job, and I am grateful for that.  Hopefully soon enough we'll start to see a few flowers and I will venture out into the world again!


Julierose said...

What lovely star quilts--really nice works...hugs, Julierose

Barbara said...

Oh my goodness! You've finished a lot of quilts! Hardly living up to your self-imposed reputation for sloth. You're going to have to work less hard if you want to maintain that rep. Love that t-shirt. Weird there hasn't been any communication, but she's probably overwhelmed. I certainly remember those days with a newborn. It was a quest for sleep most days.

Jeanne said...

Belated congratulations on the new grandbaby!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Hi dear friend!!! I'm sorry I've been away so long but I am back and hopefully blogging again. LOVE the quilts, but especially the last one. That is fab. XOXO.

Marie Louise said...

I hope the two of you manage to visit the newborn baby and his mother this week. Does the little boy has a name yet?
I love the last two quilts!