Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hippie chick forever

On a normal day, when you come into my front door, this is what you'd see:
 And it bothered me that an unexpected visitor's focus would be on dirty dishes and clutter on the counter.    So, rather than clean and organize, today I put up this: 

Makes me feel like I'm in college again.    We'll see how long it holds up with little kids running through as they play their circular games of "Bad Guy."   But in the meantime, when I walk into my front door I'm 19 again!

Only another week before I will draw names for my September giveaway -- don't miss it!


The Farmer Files said...

those cabinets are so friendly!!!

spindelmaker said...

I like the cabinets too :-) They are even more hippie than the pearls to me. Wheat a wonderful feeling to be nineteen again :-) (Isn´t it strange how we only remember the good things of being 19, and not all the insecurity and what-will-I-be-issues and all that?)

gpc said...

Thanks FF and S, the cabinets are old and have been painted so many times that I didn't dare paint them again. Since I can't afford to replace them right now, or likely ever, I picked up some green vinyl tape and removable stickers just for fun. Childish but cheery. And you're right, Spindlemaker, 19 was not exactly the best of times -- although I still haven't quite moved beyond the 'what-will-I-be" question!

Anonymous said...

It is fun to bring back some of those things we loved in our teens/twenties. These beads do hide the so-called "clutter" of the kitchen. (Those cabinets are cute though.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Debbie! Sometimes I worry that my tacky retreat is evidence that I am regressing instead of putting on my big-girl panties and dealing with my big-girl problems, though! (ha ha)