Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time flies and a September giveaway!

The weather is beautiful here in mid-Michigan this week.     It has cooled off, there is a strong breeze, and the sky is blue and sunny.    Breathtakingly beautiful weather.  

Today was my grandson's first day of kindergarten.    Is there anything sweeter than a 5-year-old, bursting with pride at how big he's become, and looking littler than ever to his tearful grandma?   I stayed with his little sister while his daddy drove him to school, and I marveled to think that my 4-year-old granddaughter will slip away to that other world, too, in just another year.    It is going by too quickly.      I love these little kids, but I miss the babies.

I've gone out every day to try to find a place to fish, with little success.    I don't know the area around me so these are trips of exploration, lovely long drives in the country looking for bridges over streams and rivers.    I've found some lovely rivers but no easy way down to them, which makes me fear I'd never get back up again when I was done.    But I am finally getting some sense of the counties around me and making them feel like home.    And I did find one lovely little stream that will become my "go-to" place until I find someplace better.

My garden is finishing up, tomatoes are getting scarcer, herbs are flowering, we are eating brussels sprouts, and I harvested 2 of my long-neck pumpkins.    Soon I will need to clear out the vines and stalks and plant my fall crop of kale.    A pond lily opened today, and I suspect it may be the last of the year.

Another New Orleans trip is on the horizon.     It will either be a lot of fun, or if my reason for visiting is in one of her dark places, a horrible waste of time and money.     There are many little bits of the city that I treasure, but, because of the last several trips, I have grown to dread my time there.    I hope this time I will be wonderfully surprised but I am too much the realist to expect it.   

However it goes, at least I'll pick up some pralines for my next giveaway, and a few to keep for myself!   Comments from this minute on will get you an entry, and I'll draw a number at the end of the month[correction: I will draw the number at midnight, September 26!] .


Cat said...

Oh my, I loved the pralines when I was there this spring. Sorry your trips have been less than grand, better luck with this one.
Also thanks for dropping by the old knittnkitten blog.
Solo tea can be quite satisfying.

Tootie said...

How neat that you found a place to hide away and fish. Of course, you could just come to Sanibel. :) Gosh, I still remember when my own girls started school and each of the grands, it always made me tear up too. And, like you said, I long for them to be babies again. I have a great grandson now, so that is fun. :) I hope your trip to New Orleans will, for once, be a very pleasant one.

Birgit said...

Oh, I can't believe that's true... I just left a long comment -- in fact, it was more like a short letter... Then I got an error message. ARGH!!! Don't you just hate it when that happens?! Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and for the chance to win some goodies. :)

Have fun in New Orleans,

gpc said...

I'm very sorry that happened, Birgit, now I can only imagine what you might have said!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

We're still waiting for a little chill to hit the air here. Right now I'm just thankful for a few days that are forecast under 100!
Hope your trip finds good fun and good humor!!

The Farmer Files said...

Praying that the visit is fruitful.