Thursday, September 9, 2010

Riddle Me This

I was told during my childhood that I am Czechoslovakian on my mother's side because one of my maternal grandparents was from the Czech Republic and the other from Slovakia.    I have always accepted this information, like so much of what I was taught in childhood, without question.    As I got older, I learned that my grandmother was actually born in Poland but, it was explained, it was on the Czech border.    I didn't really think about what that might mean in terms of my heritage.    But last night I found a Bible that was one of many owned by my grandfather, in which he wrote, "Born - Sept 28 - 1892 in Vrbove in Hungary - now. Czechoslovakia."   And for sure, Vrbove is part of Slovakia today.  I have no idea whether that makes me Hungarian/Polish in stead of Czechoslovakian, but it was an interesting reminder of how arbitrary political boundaries can be.

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spindelmaker said...

Maybe it simply makes you a citizen of the world :-)