Saturday, July 14, 2012

Gaggles Of Grackles

From the corner of my eye yesterday, I saw an explosion of water from my backyard bird bath.   When I went to investigate, I found over a dozen grackles crowded into the little pool, splashing and cackling like crazy.   It looked like an avian fraternity party, a bunch of rowdy birds, acting like fools and enjoying it very, very much.   They made me laugh.  This morning the bird bath was littered with black feathers and poop, the equivalent, I suppose, of cigarette butts and empty beer cans.  The chickadees just shook their heads while I cleaned it up.

(Today the doves have taken over.   They are a much quieter crew, but at the moment, three of them are lying in the water, facing the middle and filling the bath.    My bed and breakfast is very popular this summer, which has been hotter than any of us are used to.)

My sunburn is peeling (and itching!) like crazy.   Besides being bad for me, it's just plain yucky!

This weekend we are celebrating my granddaughter's 6th birthday.   Where did the time go?   I spent a bit of time looking over the photos from around the time of her birth, and am amazed all over again that today's lovely bundle of energy and charm could have come from that tiny speck of a person.


sue in mexico mo said...

avian fraternity party - lol

Happy Birthday to your granddaughter!

Kaybe said...

Sweet baby preciousness! I have been watching a Momma duck with her 13 babies outside my windows for the last week. I think watching birds is like a a tuning fork to tune us back to the right sounds. Just sayin....

Debbie V. said...

I do love it when birds come to our bird bath. It is a converted kitty litter box - kind of funny in a way.
The heat makes it especially rewarding to be able to provide them what they need.
We get those flocks of grackles here too - kind of like locusts.

Snowbird said...

OK, so I tried to leave a comment and it's being stubborn. Forgive me if this gets posted twice. I'm having problems reading the darn "prove you're not a robot" thingie. I love your description of the birdie frat party. I am enjoying the hummingbirds and others who are flocking (literally) to my hummingbird feeders.

Don said...

The grackle/chickadee story made me laugh. Thanks!!