Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Moving Into Fall

It is chilly and damp here this morning, jeans and wool shirt weather, but it will no doubt warm up this afternoon.   I am at the 'new house' waiting for the delivery of a bed base and mattress for our guest room.  From here I will go on to other errands, a routine blood test, the Saginaw County Clerk's office where I will file a marriage license from a wedding I did this weekend, a few stores to stop by, a visit to "my (Saginaw) house" where I will (again) load my car with small moveable items, and then, finally, the first after-school pick up of my grandson.   School started today and it will be a challenging one for the adults in our family, because the Grands go to different schools, and the nearest bus stop for my grandson is uncomfortably far away given recent tensions in the city. It will be even more challenging next year when my granddaughter's school will be on the other side of the city.   I anticipate doing a lot of driving for the next couple of years, until the kids are of driving age, even after I sell my house there.  Oh well, if the past is a good predictor, the years will fly by.

After my tasks are done, I will come back to the 'new house' to pick up the mail, which comes late in the day here, and then back to "Jack's house" to check in with him and hopefully share a meal.

I will be glad when we have a couch and a table at the new house, but I sort of regret that we have to move anything else in.   I like the way it looks, empty and spare.

My aches and pains are getting a little better, I think, although they are not gone.   I badly wrenched my arm a few weeks ago and it has held me back from some of the work I'd like to do.    It hurt badly enough to wake me at night; it was very painful to extend it in any direction.   But then last week, when Jack and I were working in the garage, I lost my balance and he instinctively grabbed my right, injured, hand to help me steady myself.   Oh. My. Gosh.   The pain was stomach-wrenching.    But as soon as he let go, I could tell that the arm was able to work more smoothly.    It still hurts like heck, but I can move it more normally now and I am hoping it is truly on the mend.   If not, I have a routine doctor's appointment next week, and he can have a go at it.  Every once in awhile, I move or  hit it just wrong, and then I know it's break time because the arm needs some rest.    Old limbs are big babies, and hard to get used to.

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Barbara said...

Oh, sorry about your arm. That does sound painful. This moving and three houses business sounds like such a pain, but it will be over soon, and you can enjoy your new life. Don’t forget to take care of yourself through the process.