Friday, September 20, 2019

Taking a Break

My hubs and I took an unexpected and probably ill timed break this weekend.   Except for family events, we have not been away alone since our marriage, so it was also over-due.   He still insists that we will have a Real Honeymoon sometime down the road, but I've never had one so I guess I don't feel the lack.      A weekend in Ludington, Michigan was just what the doctor ordered, even though it will mean that we will feel more frantically behind when we return home on Sunday.   

Ludington is only two hours away from home, and we always bemoan that we don't get here more regularly.  We chose a beautiful weekend to slip away.  The sky is a bright blue.   There are no crowds now that kids are back at school, but the little shops are still open and Lake Michigan is a beautiful as ever.   It is one of our favorite lakes, with sandy beaches and dunes; a wonderful place for star watching after dark.

We started out the day with a decadent breakfast at one of our favorite places, Brenda's Harbor Cafe, where Brenda herself took our order.  And then on to the beach, where tensions floated away in the peaceful setting.

It is good to get away.

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Barbara said...

Oh my gosh...I love that picture of you two. You look so happy. "Frantically behind." By whose measure? I'm always reminding myself that I'm in control of my time, but it's hard not to feel as if someone is breathing down my neck. Relax. It'll all get done.