Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Winter Day

Some people warm up with hot cocoa, some people like tea.   I learned (again) today that the BEST way to warm up on a cold winter day is -- shoveling!     By the time I was done,  I was overheated.   Of course my back was also killing me and I was ready for winter to be over.    I guess you can't have everything - and at least I was warm!


sue in mexico mo said...

Neat house!

RottenMom said...

You did a fine job!

The Farmer Files said...

We use a snow blower. We are wimpy Californians!

spindelmaker said...

Is that your house? How beautiful!!
I see you´re joining the One world one heart-event. Me too! I found some pretty cool blogs and fascinating people that way last year.
And oh, great job on the snow-shoveling! Here everything is just solid ice. People are wearing metal spikes on their shoes, and still manage to fall. So I´m staying indoors! :-)

gpc said...

I am looking forward to the One World One Heart event, this is my first time to participate! Thanks, Sue, RM and spindlemaker! I do like my house but I suspect that a more creative person could make it so much nicer! Mrs. Farmer, I would use a snow blower, too, if I had one! I am no fan of either snow OR shoveling and probably as big a wimp as any CAfornian! I have those spikey things for my shoes here, too, spindlemaker, and I love them. We don't have as much ice as you do there, and so far they've kept me upright!

Debby said...

Thanks for stopping by Cozy Blanket.
If only we could wrap this world up in a blanket.
I hope your new year is starting off to a good start.

Gaia said...

I wish I had a big house like your!
Have a nice week!
Thanks for participating to my giveaway!
Did you grabbed the button?