Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Chapel

I am still working on the old chapel at work.  When I took the job, it was a bare, cold, specifically Catholic space.    There was holy water, a St. Joseph Bible,  an altar,  bright lights, and not much else.

On my limited budget and dearth of creativity, I have added curtains that I made with a simple pocket seam on lengths of shear fabric.  I 'borrowed'  plants and fountains from other areas of the building, and dragged in some soft seating.  I put out different translations of the Bible, and a small library of inspirational readings.   When I get a few minutes, I will disassemble the altar and turn it into plant stands.  A new sign has been ordered and it will be called a reflection room once it's done.   It's not finished yet, but it's in progress!

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The Farmer Files said...

Love that it is not so sterile. :) I want an altar for furniture in my house...but not too tall. I am going to start looking after we move from Tokyo. :)