Friday, September 23, 2011

What I Did For My End Of Summer Vacation

I am just back a wonderful week in the Pacific Northwest, where my 3 siblings and I gathered for my only niece's wedding.   My son came, too, which was a wonderful treat for me, even though he flew in later than we did and returned earlier.   All in all, I had the best time ever.
 My brother, father of the bride, rented a 45-foot boat to take my sister, other brother, and me from Anacortes, Washington, to Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island.  We spent the first night on the boat.  My oldest brother and I tried casting a few flies in the Anacortes marina, while a seal kept a close eye on us from an adjoining dock.
 The next morning we took the boat to Orcas Island, where we met up with my niece, her intended,  his family and their friends.   My brothers, sister and son and I stayed together in a pretty cottage on a harbor. 
 The bride's father (my brother) held a salmon bake for the 80-some guests, and they all seemed to enjoy it.   The groom's parents hosted a hoe down, with a square dance caller, which I hear was pretty fantastic.
 The wedding was absolutely beautiful.  Perfect.  


The party afterward was fun, with northwestern food that was beyond my level of appreciation.   People raved about it, but my sister and I went hungry, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

The next day, my son flew back to Michigan to go back to work,
 and my siblings and I got back on the boat.   We had planned to tour the Pacific waters around the San Juan Islands, but the newly married couple asked to join us for an afternoon picnic on the boat, and we were happy to oblige.   It was great fun to get to know my niece's new husband and spend time with her, a relaxed and happy couple.   We tried a little fishing, but only the bride was successful and not very successful at that -- she caught an enormous starfish. 


 After we dropped the bride and groom back off at their honeymoon island,
we walked to a local restaurant that turned out to be a hidden gem, with its own organic garden and free range chickens.   Wild blackberry cobbler with homemade ice cream for dessert!   We were on Deer Island and, sure enough, we saw deer.  
My sister also saw a shooting star as we walked back to the boat in the dark.   Really a perfect day.

More cruising, more eating, more time with our bros, and then back to Seattle for a night at my brother's house, up early the next day to get to the airport.    Except for the exhaustion, it was all good!


Debbie V. said...

Good pictures. I especially like the one of the seal and that wooden (bear?) statue. And that little harbor looks like a place I'd like to spend time. So what exactly was the northwestern food?

thefarmerfiles said...

Beautiful wedding...and what an adventure! I love that everything was so different from the rehearsal dinner, to staying on a boat, to fishing. I love how weddings are becoming less and less formal. I hope my boys marry women with the same vision! Ha.

gpc said...

Deb, the menu for the entire event was 'pesca-tarian,' fish and vegetables. Neither my sister nor I care for fish, and she doesn't eat much in the way of vegetables. I love vegetables, but don't eat onions. The wedding dinner was halibut and an onion tart. The day before was salmon and potato salad (which neither of us eat because it was mayo based). Not a good weekend to be a fussy eater!

Mrs. Farmer, my niece and the groom have both traveled ALL over the world and both are employed by world-help organizations. Your sons are off to a good start with all the opportunities that you and Dr. R have given them!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

What a FAB trip! Puget Sound is so beautiful. My hubby and I have spent many a day in that area. Fishing salmon in the Sound is awesome! Looks like you had a great time.

Kaybe said...

Wow! Amazing! I'm still wide-eyed over the starfish. I bet it was beautiful on the boat at night. Congrats to the new Mr & Ms!

Take good care,


Nan said...

What a lovely time you had at this special event. I loved all your photos.

Emily@theNest said...

Wow, looks like a wedding to remember! The seal picture is just great-and a honrymoon island, sounds just magical x