Thursday, September 22, 2011

What a Gas

I spent 4 days and nights on a boat with my siblings last week.   Loved every minute of it.   Offered to pay for gas.   Thank goodness my brothers refused!


Kaybe said...

Ouch! Very nice of your brother to treat you to a boat ride. Nothing like being on the water especially now that it's a little cooler. In your case, you better get some boating in before the lakes freeze over.

Take good care,


sue in mexico mo said...

Ouch is right!!! We just drove from MO TO MA, towing a trailer. Fuel cost was $1,257.

Which water were you on? Sound like fun.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Thankfully our boat is small so the bill is never that high! However, in the past 3 weeks my husband has driven from Phoenix to Seattle and back - twice - and I don't even want to see the bill when it comes in! Glad you had fun on the water!!

The Farmer Files said...

Sounds like an adventure!