Monday, January 16, 2012

Finding My Crafty Self

I took a beginning crochet class tonight.   It was as if I was channeling my dead mother, who was an expert crocheter, making lovely things even after her other mental facilities faded away  -- I couldn't understand a thing my instructor said, by my fingers went along and single/double/half-double crocheted away for a couple of hours.    I don't know if I'll keep doing it, but it was a fun way to spend an evening.  And I've gotten my new year off to a good and crafty start!
Then home to a late dinner of taco soup and wine.    Life is good.


Debbie V. said...

I would like to get back to crocheting again - it's a "centering" type of activity. In my 20's my mother-in-law taught me to crochet doilies and later I made a couple of afghans.
Taco soup sounds wonderful. I have an excellent WW recipe that I love and just add a sprinkle of cheddar to.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Kaybe said...

I used to know how to crochet. You've inspired me to refresh my skills. My sil hooks rugs and says it is super meditative.What is your project?

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I just downloaded a video showing how to do that. I taught myself to knit a couple years ago, made a few blankets, scarfs and headbands and promptly quit. Now I'm itching to learn to crochet. Must be something in the air.

Mrs A said...

I tried to do crocheting but just got crochety! It didnt float my boat, but good for you, i hope you have fun with it and make a little something for your home. Taco soup? will have to google that!

spindelmaker said...

Yay, Gail! You go, girl! Crocheting! It´s good to see you getting crafty and learning something new to have fun with! Enjoy arting! :-)