Monday, January 9, 2012

Losing Touch

I was reading a post the other day about touch, with the lovely suggestion that our soul surrounds our body, so that "when we connect with our bodies - holding hands, rubbing shoulders, making love... one soul is communicating with another," and that touch is "the way in which our highest spirit expresses itself to another."   I suppose that would explain why hugs and touch are so important in hospice.    

In his discussion, the author, who calls himself The Shadow, talked about his childhood family, and the lack of touch that existed there.    It made me think of my own childhood, where touch was mostly absent.

Although our family didn't otherwise hug or kiss, we were required as children to kiss our father goodnight.    Once he slapped me for forgetting.   I hate to think that was his "highest spirit."     I would hate even more to think that such a spirit passed on to me.

Good grief, what a legacy!    Quick, give yourself - or someone else - a hug!    Let's awaken those souls as often as we can.


Mrs A said...

i love the messages on that banner, and sending you hugs, life is difficult at times, there is obviously some higher reason for all the 'stuff" we have to deal with, god knows!

Mrs A said...

ps can i put that pic on my blog?

Kaybe said...

lol...Everytime I come back to comment on a post, you have a new one up. You've had a busy day my friend. All kinds of gifts :D xo

spindelmaker said...

What a lovely thought, of our souls surrounding our bodies... it´s kind of poetic!