Monday, May 28, 2012

Fat and Happy

I suppose I will feel guilty tomorrow, but I have not worked the whole weekend.   From Friday, when I had lunch and a movie (the Avengers) with my sister, to Saturday when I went fishing with my brother and did a (very) little kayaking, to Sunday when I baked a fruit cocktail cake and made a butterscotch pudding.   There are bunnies frolicking in my back yard and yes, I colored my hair.   It's all been good.  
And look at this, Sanibuddies -- on a shopping excursion to Barnes & Noble, my (wonderful) DIL brought this book to my attention in the children's section -- it takes place, duh, on Sanibel Island, and puts the word "junonia" into the vocabulary of a whole new generation of shellers!
 I know, I know; I should have done more kayaking and used less sugar, but it's been a good and lazy weekend.    So lazy, in fact, that I do believe I'll stay home again today.   I need to gather my strength (and pack), because NEXT weekend I am going to Fly Fishing School!   Life is good, and I am grateful to all the people who helped make it that way.
Happy Memorial Day.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Well that sounds like it was a fun weekend. Are you happy with your hair? I adore Kevin Henkes books. I bought most of them for my kids when they were small. Happy Holiday!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

What a wonderful post. I smiled the whole time I was reading it.
I think you deserve a lot of weekends like this my friend.
Your going to Fly Fishing School is something I have always wanted to do.
So wish I were going with you.
Love this picture of our flag.

Kaybe said...

You know how to roll shell sistah! I'll be looking for the book. Have a great holiday. xo