Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Old Gray Mare

I was talking with my coworker Darcie today, working on an upcoming event.    Darcie and I work together a lot.   She is a lot younger than I am, young enough to be my daughter.   I know that this is true because she told me today that her mother is 57, and I know for sure certain that I am 62.   She is competent and I like her, but she doesn't hold back her opinions.  

Anyway, in the middle of a discussion about readings and how we should set up the chairs, Darcie suddenly blurted out, "you need to start coloring your hair.   Should we run to the store now and pick out a color?"

Now, I know my gray is taking over but the remark was so unexpected that I had to laugh.   I halfheartedly defended myself by saying that the gray has been creeping up slowly.   Dee insisted that the gray hairs make me look older than I am, and I insisted back that, no, I really AM that old, so I'm allowed to look it.

She smiled and said that I evidently needed a little time to think about it, and we would talk again tomorrow.    And dang it, I am thinking about it a lot.   This old gray mare definitely ain't what she used to be.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I've been dyeing my hair for so long that I don't remember what my original color really is. And I have NO idea if I'm gray yet or not. But here's an interesting thought - the other day my daughter and I were talking about me letting my hair grow out longer and SHE suggested that I stop dyeing it because she thinks my long, silver hair would look pretty. So, it's all in the eyes of the beholder, I guess.

Kaybe said...

Me too. I think I am a dirty blonde but thanks to Colorsilk I am a Champagne Blonde. Go for it Shell Sistah! But let me warn you - it's a slippery slope. You'll look so good you'll want to shave your legs above the knees too. ;)

spindelmaker said...

I have to admit I do dye my hair. Red. And I´ve been dying it for 20 years before the grey started to show. So it´s more about me wanting red hair than trying to avoid the grey.
On the other hand, I am now starting to get wrinkles. I notice I look more "dragged" in my face than I used to. And every time I see it, in the mirror, on photos, I think, "I looked better without the wrinkles" immediately followed by "Wait, I´m gonna look like my Grandma!" and she´s the most beautiful person the world!
I´m not afraid of the grey and I´m not afraid of the wrinkles. I´m not afraid of change. I want to live life naturally to the fullest. So what if my eyes would look less "sleepy" if I had a minor plastic surgery?! I don´t want to look "pretty", I want to look real!
I know that in our society that is frowned upon, especially just the past 20 years after surgery became common. But I mean it. I wear my wrinkles with pride! I´ve worked prettyy darn hard to earn them! :-)

Honey from the Bee said...

That's hilarious! I got highlights before I needed coloring and then graduated to coloring to get rid of the grey. However, last November I stopped coloring all together since I wasn't sure I'd mind my gray or not. I actually don't have a lot - just around my face of course. I know it makes me look my age (!) but I'm not sure I care. I am thinking about putting some blue or purple in though. ; )

You could try an over the counter one that isn't real permanent to see if you like it.

btw - love the plan on the side. I think you picked the wrong person to invite in!

Mrs A said...

Go for it, i have been dying my hair for years and i am 46, it started going grey ages ago!

Debbie V. said...

Kaybe - had to smile at your comment about shaving above the knees :) I've worn jeans almost every day for so long that hair has stopped growing on most of my legs.
I have some white around my hairline, esp in front of my ears, plus a streak on the top. Then I have some gray mixed in with a lot of brunette still left. It looks a lot like the color of in the picture.
I've never really been comfortable with the idea of dyeing my hair - and the fact that I keep it rather short and pretty much the only thing I do to it is wash it - I can't imagine "having" to color it. Yes, I am lazy :)
I do have some wrinkles and saggy skin and I'm not sure that dyeing my hair would look right - the color of the hair wouldn't match the age of my skin.