Thursday, May 10, 2012

Half Past Bedtime

My grandkids are just now finally - maybe - I hope - getting settled down in bed. It's a school night and I had hoped to do better so that tomorrow morning would go smoothly for them and their parents. We started on schedule but bedtime is apparently not part of my skill set.

On the bright side, though, when my grandson hugged me goodnight he told me, "grandma, you smell like the good stuff." "What stuff is that?," I asked him. "I don't know," he answered in that serious manner of the very young, "but your house smells that way, too, and I like it."

Sigh. Except that, of course, it turns out that I was overly optimistic when I thought they were settling down. I might as well admit the truth to myself. As sweet and charming and smart as they are, sometimes my grandkids act like . . . children. Lucky, lucky me.

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spindelmaker said...

Yes, lucky, lucky you! Just what I was thinking as I was reading. They are darling. What a blessing to be near them.

Kaybe said...

Oh if we could only bottle the good stuff. Happy Mother's Day.