Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 4, Beautiful Morning

Another early day on the beach, with nothing but memories to show for it.   I am just being fussy this year, because truly, there are lots and lots of shells.   Tulips and whelks and turkey wings and scallops and conchs, just not a lot of the alphabets that I am hoping to find!    But I have been taking beautiful long walks.   
The temperature this morning was mild, perfect, with just a gentle breeze.  I visited Gulfside City Park and Blind Pass today.   I passed a woman who was meditating on a picnic table as I walked down to the beach, my squeaky shoes no doubt disturbing her peace.   I saw an osprey gathering nesting material from the beach.   I talked to a man who caught a large drum fish from the beach.   I saw several other ospreys standing sentinel on their nests, waiting for their mates to get home from work, hopefully bringing dinner.   I watched a dolphin feeding just off shore.    This is such a beautiful place.


sue in mexico mo said...

I am enjoying your blog while in Sanibel. Wishing I was there! We always stay at Ocean's Reach, next to Gulf Park. I love that stretch of beach.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Love the last photo. I wish I were at Blind Pass right now.