Saturday, December 31, 2011

Make Yourself At Home 2012, I'll See You In The Morning

We had our traditional chocolate fondue, popped party poppers, blew our horns (oh those horns), and played a rousing game of Dixit.
I'm full of sugar and fruit and chocolate, as well as a little wine.   I'm ready to let this year go.   But not so eager for the next one that I need to stay up.   Good night all.  See you next year.


RottenMom said...

Happy New Year!

Love the list you wrote a few posts down. I have never been brave enough to make a yearly list and then look back on it to see what I have accomplished. I'm afraid that I would not have very many things checked off at years end. But look at you, you GO GIRL!


Rebecca said...

Happy New Year! My Beloved and I stayed up on the sofa watching the ball drop in Times Square and then gave each other a little kiss and said, "let's go to sleep!" We had just endured the flu the day before so, I'm quite surprised we made it far enough into the night to see it into the New Year.
I love the idea of fondue! What is Dixit?!
BTW, love the One Last Look At Christmas post ~ very sweet.
~ rebecca

Kaybe said...

Let the resolutions begin :D

Here's a link to my bil's blog (the minister/therapist/hospice guy)

Take good care <3