Friday, December 23, 2011

The Night Before The Night Before

I felt somewhat better today, after 24 hours of shivering and fever, and I had work to do at work, so in I went.    And I'm glad I did.    I meet the nicest people.    Not always, but more often than not.   One man told me with tears in his eyes that he is not afraid to die, and is grateful for a life filled with blessings, but that his family will miss him so much and it hurts to know he won't be able to comfort them.    For some reason that touched me so much, because he (rightly) knew how loved he was, and was worried only about the ones who would be left behind.   His family, for their part, was anxious only about his comfort, and even the littlest 4-year-old grandchild hugged me and thanked me for coming to visit his grandpa.   When I offered to pray with him before I left, he called the whole family in and made sure we were all touching one another, and I don't think there was a dry eye in the room when I left.    I meet many people whose faith - the type, the degree, the existence - is very different than mine, but something about this man, his spin on what was important in life,  and his family made a special impression.    He was funny, and practical, and not sentimental, and a wonderful man to meet.   And - a little like finding a special shell or an amazing sharks' tooth -- the odds against my ever meeting him were nearly overwhelming, the window of opportunity is so small.    It humbles me every time I think about it, and makes me feel very fortunate with each new "find."

So that was the good thing that happened today.   The bad thing was that I got all lazy and decided to have cereal for dinner, and

I found something yucky in my cheerios.    Very yucky.   It is brownish gray and a little rubbery.   I don't know what it is and I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.    It never got anywhere near my mouth (thank goodness), but I am still struggling to quiet my gag reflect.

I'm going to go and try to think, instead, about how fortunate I am for a bit.    And I'm crossing cheerios off my grocery list for the time being.    Besides, I'm really not hungry anymore.


Kaybe said...

Somebody got an early Christmas gift. There is something very humbling being in the presence of someone with that kind of faith. Moving on....thank goodness you did not chomp on your UCO (Unidentified Cereal Object)eewwww! xo

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

What a special thing you do for a living. Think about all the lives you must touch. Amazing.